Waki Commission- Process Monitoring Report

Mutuku Nguli

CIVEP: Expectations, likely scenarios of outcomes and opportunities for peace-building and security reform in Kenya

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Nurturing Nationhood Through Peace Media

Eliud K Situma and John Harrington Ndeta

Analyzing Peace related programming in community radio stations "if interested with the book, please call or come to our office for a copy" more

Waki Commission- Process Monitoring Report

Mutuku Nguli

CIVEP: Expectations, likely scenarios of outcomes and opportunities for peace-building and security reform in Kenya more

2015 Annual Report

Chief Executive Officer

For full report, please download using this link; http://pea... more

About Us

Peace and Development Network Trust (PeaceNet Kenya) is a national networking and partnership building organization providing a platform for CSOs, and other peace actors committed to collaboration and mobilization of national and regional initiatives for peace building, promotion of justice and conflict transformation.

The idea to set up the organization was initiated by three organizations namely Oxfam GB, the Mennonite Central Committee and the Anglican Development Desk, who were collaborating, in 1992, on providing relief support to victims of politically motivated ethnic violence in Kenya. In 1993, the Ethnic Clashes Network (ECN), was established in recognition of the need for continued coordination of relief and advocacy work around the violence, its causes and consequences, and was initially hosted by the National Council of NGOs of Kenya. In 1995, the ECN, broadened its mandate to cover broader peace issues and changed its name to Peace and Development Network (PeaceNet). In August 2005, PeaceNet registered itself as a Trust.


A peaceful and stable society that upholds equity and development


To facilitate, advocate and coordinate broad based peace and development initiatives nationally and regionally.

Core Values

PeaceNet is guided by the values of Do No Harm principles, including:

  • Demonstrating unquestionable commitment in serving all stakeholders.
  • Accountability in resource utilization including being good stewards of time and finances.
  • Maintaining respect and dignity for humanity at all times, regardless of any extenuating circumstances.
  • Observation of unrelenting integrity in our dealings within all program operations.
  • Exercising fairness, equity and justice in our word of promise and deed.
  • Promoting a culture of tolerance and good governance.

Our Programs

As a national networking and partnership building organization, Peacenet-Kenya participates in a number of peace promoting programs.

Policy & Governance
Policy & Governance
Partnership, Networking, Capacity Building and Human Security
Partnership, Networking, Capacity Building and Human Security

  Sauti Mashinani

A grassroots based Early Warning Early Response system

How do I report a conflict

  • Using SMS, go to your phone and send a short message to 0707 996899.
  • You can report a conflict on our website by clicking this link

How can I be sure that my details shall not be revealed?

Sauti mashinani treats information provided to them in a confidential manner. Name and contact details of people reporting conflicts are kept secret to safe guard their security and well being.

How do I become a Sauti Mashinani Peace Actor?

To become a peace actor for Sauti Mashinani, you have to be a member of an exisiting peace group. The main peace initiatives that Sauti mashinani is involved in, include: Cattle rustling, water Conflicts Political conflicts.
You can register to be a peace actor by clicking this link:

PeaceNet Team

Victor Ngetich

M&E - I.T for Peace-Net Kenya.

Kubai Kahara

Project Officer, TUSAMEHEANE TUJENGE NCHI -Nairobi for Peace-Net Kenya.

Mercy Letting

Project Manager, TUSAMEHEANE TUJENGE NCHI at Peace-Net Kenya.

Castro Baraza

Project Officer, TUSAMEHEANE TUJENGE NCHI - Migori for Peace-Net Kenya.

Watch / Listen

PeaceNet Kenya working in Samburu to bring Psychosocial Support training to Aid Trauma Healing with Sheila Mongute.

Chagua Amani Jukumu Letu planned to educate the voter that they had the right and responsibility to vote in the August 8th General election. This was target women, men and the youth in simultaneous meeting at the grass roots level in both Narok and Bomet county. Implementation was done under the auspices of Uwiano Platform for Peace.

Training on Conflict Sensitive reporting an interview of a facilitator Mr Daudi Sipoi from Narok around the 2-5th August.

Ghetto Family Kisumu team works together with other local action groups and Peacenet to create awareness and understanding between citizens in peace.

Peace and Development Network Trust has warned that discussing the issue during campaigns is likely to whip emotions and polarize the country.

 Upcoming Events

Our Partners

Below are some of our supportive partner organizations and institutions which have helped Peacenet-Kenya to deliver asistance where necessary.

Join us in campaigning for peace


Donating Money via M-PESA Till (Safaricom)

  • Go to M-Pesa menu
  • Select Lipa na M-PESA
  • Select Buy Goods and Services
  • Enter the PeaceNet Till number 800234
  • Enter the amount you wish to donate
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN
  • Confirm that all details are correct and SEND
  • You will receive a confirmation of the transaction via SMS

 PeaceNet Reports & Downloads

How to Reach Us?

  • Head Office

    Regent Court Hurlingham(Block D1)
    Opp Nairobi Women's Hospital

    P.O.Box 49806-00100
    Nairobi - Kenya

    Phone:+254 700 198 122

Already in the neighbourhood? Here is a guide from Argwins Kodhek Road to PeaceNet-Kenya Office